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Stretching, Flexibility and Yoga Class Descriptions


Learn how to STRETCH SMARTER! This stretching technique unlocks tension from the body, while increasing flexibility and strength. Resistance stretching is used by Professional and Olympic athletes to keep them at the top of their game!
Learn how to use the foam roller, tennis balls and other tools to eliminate pain, avoid injury, increase flexibility and range of motion safely.
Meditation and Movement 
Learn to use the breath as a tool to quiet the mind while stretching to release tension, fatigue and tight muscles.

HOT Yoga
A sweaty, vigorous approach to practicing postures and breathing techniques.  This style of yoga combines the flow of classical Ashtanga with the precise alignment of Iyengar and Anusara in a Bikram style heated room.
Physio-Yoga Therapy
Physio-Yoga Therapy uses yoga techniques for the treatment of specific ailments.

Physio-Yoga Therapy is used as a complimentary practice to empower the student to begin to take control of their health, healing (not curing) and well-being.

It is good for anyone who needs a careful and gradual approach to exercise, such as persons who have been physically inactive or recovering from injury, illness, or seniors. Students will learn the therapeutic applications and basic foundations of yoga with the freedom to modify poses for more challenge, or enjoy it as a restorative practice.

Vinyasa/Power Yoga
An active, dynamic practice of postures with breathing techniques. Every pose is infused with an awareness of specific postural alignment, and balanced action between stability and freedom. Instruction is aimed toward helping build and empower each student's self-esteem, while inspiring light-heartedness, playfulness, and joyful creativity within the yoga practice.

Yin yoga features seated and reclining poses passively held 3-5 minutes and focuses on releasing deep connective tissue; this approach marries asana and meditation to create a very deep and quiet practice, suitable for all levels.

This gentle class is designed to reduce the aches and pains, which accompany pregnancy, in a nurturing and supportive environment. We will focus on special breathing techniques, opening the hips, preparing the body for birth.

Restorative/Gentle Yoga
A practice designed to release stress and rejuvenate the body and mind.The postures are supported using blocks, blankets, or other props and are held for several minutes at a time. The more fully one feels supported, the greater the sense of relaxation. This practice is recommended for beginners, anyone suffering from injuries or stress, or to balance a more vigorous practice. Appropriate for all levels.


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