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Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Service Descriptions


General Therapeutic Massage 

Swedish relaxation massage will increase circulation and relieve tension.

Ahh...Shiatsu (Barefoot Massage) uses the bare feet in compression and Swedish work, combined with stretching, and myofascial release massage techniques.
Deep Tissue
therapeutic massage that releases muscles, increases range of  motion and reduces stress.

Hot Stone Massage to deeply relax muscles, reduce stress and relieve pain.

Pregnancy Massage therapeutic and gentle excellent for relieving muscle tension, leg cramps and reduce swelling by increasing circulation.

Bodywork and Stretching

Deep Tissue Massage with Assisted Stretching emphasizes lengthening muscles, connective tissue, and fascia while increasing overall range of motion and circulation.

Assisted / Resistance / Active Isolated-Stretching is an interactive treatment that will decrease pain, increase flexibility, strength and range of motion in your joints. Performed fully clothed on the floor or table.  

Thai Mashiatsu allows you to relax (fully clothed) while your muscles are massaged, compressed, and stretched with the hands, elbows, knees, and feet. The focus is on increasing your flexibility, pliability and the range of motion in your joints.

Specialized Massage & Bodywork

REFLEXOLOGY -Foot and Hand Massage includes hot towels, aromatherapy, massage, and stretching to the hands, calves, and feet to effect corresponding parts of the body. These techniques break up stress patterns in other parts of the body.  

Face Massage  releases tension from the face, scalp, and neck while stimualting circulation. This technique focuses on releasing and balancing the channels and points in the face and head that hold onto tension. Essestial oils and hot towels are used to naturally open pores and induce relaxation.

UpperBody Rx is a therapeutic and stimulating massage to the head, scalp, ears, neck, arms and shoulders.  

Shoulder Rx is a therapeutic bodywork treatment that emphasizes increasing shoulder flexibility and decreasing pain . 

Athletes Rx is a bodywork treatment for the active individual. Perfect for pain and stiffness in the core and legs due to physical work and training.

Reiki Energy Work an uplifting treatment to increase energy levels. Hands are lightly placed on or near the body in various positions near the head, shoulders, stomach and feet.  

On Site Chair Massgae performed at your office or off-site location. Neck, back, arm and hand massage. Improves circulation, increases energy and decreases repetitive stress pain and injuries.


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