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All Workshops are 2 hours/$40


Avoiding and Healing Common Yoga Injuries. Come explore the causes of most common yoga injuries and how to avioid them. Learn how to avoid and heal wrist, back, neck,shoulder and hip pain. Explore the use of props to make your practice more safe, fun and challenging.

Yoga For Bone Health (Managing and Preventing Osteoporosis) This workshop will explore how yoga can prevent and manage osteoporosis by strengthening bones without endangering joints. Younger yogis are invited to learn how to prevent bone weakening and injuries, as well at yogis at midlife and older to learn how to stay strong or safely recover and rebuild bone density.


Functional Core Strength is the ability to control the position of the spine, which refines alignment and creates balance, allowing us to develop and use strength efficiently in our daily activity. This class will teach students how to build a strong foundation, using the pelvic floor and muscles that control the position of the spine and the pelvis to cultivate strength and control.  Emphasis will be placed on alignment, motor control and balance while performing bodyweight exercises. Students will learn how to progress an exercise program to continuously build on the foundation exercises with seated, prone, standing and dynamic exercises that mimic our activities of daily living.


Yoga with Resistance Stretching involves traditional yoga principles combined with resistance stretching to teach students how to enjoy the benefits of yoga while stretching smarter. This technique increases strength, flexibility, balance and mobility while remaining injury free. Resistance stretching involves moving a muscle from a short position to a long position, while resisting (contracting) the muscle throughout the entire movement. Resistance with stretching keeps the muscle elastic and more stable, while preventing overstretching, for a more effective and injury free experience. 


Mobility for Movement: Maintaining mobility as we age is crucial for a high quality of life and the continued ability to perform our activities of daily living and recreation.  In this course, students will learn how to improve performance and resolve dysfunction using tools and movement methods. Self-treatment technique that helps prevent and eliminate pain, improve posture and performance, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging and active living will be explored. These techniques simulate the hands-on techniques that manual therapist use to eliminate stress, pain, and dysfunction. This proactive approach to maintaining a healthy, pain-free, active lifestyle is the best solution for living better in your body.


Workshop Registration Fee $40